Ithaca Singles Group

We were established as an official New York State non-profit organization in the mid 1990's, and in 2020, we celebrated our 25th anniversary of friendships and activities.

ATTENTION:  Our June calendar of "Dinners on the Town" is now available, and we are accepting new members to be added to our listserve.  Please send your request for an application or our monthly calendar to

ISG members have been hosting weekly "Dinners on the Town" for years, inviting local single newcomers and members to dine together and make new friends.  In addition to the dinners, members can host hikes, movie nights, concerts, picnics, day trips, house parties, game nights and dancing events.  Through our email listserve, all members are able to host whatever event piques their interest.


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Upcoming Events

For the latest calendar of public events, please send us a request at

You can also find us on Facebook as the Ithaca Singles Group